The Lakewood Shores Development was conceived by Carl Brownell in the 1965/66 period. The properties involved in the development were, for the most part, part of his family’s holdings. With those holdings and additional properties acquired by him, he developed the Lakewood Shores Project in partnership with a number of other people.


Lakewood Shores was plotted on August 25, 1966. This included dedications to certain properties, to include parks, plazas, etc., for use of the owners of property in the development.

The deed restrictions, entitled “Declaration of Restrictions” were used to encumber each parcel in the subdivision to which they applied. In return the property owners had to adhere to certain architectural standards made by the Architectural Control Committee for Lakewood Shores. As the subdivisions were developed, it is believed that Repurchase Agreements were recorded on all purchases of Lakewood property.

Recording plots continued until September, 1972. The last of the subdivisions (Lakewood Shores Golf and Country Club No. 8) was established and the subdivision layout was essentially complete.

The property owners association “Lakewood Shores Beach Club, Inc”. was incorporated in December, 1970. Conceived by Carl Brownell, the Lakewood Shores Development properties were mostly part of his family’s holdings. Along with addition properties, he developed the project in partnership with a number of people, including William Cottrell. Ultimately those partnerships took the form of Conel Development, Inc.